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Neurosteroid off reactions, free content by dr. anderson
7 Dec 2018

Neurosteroid Odd Reactions

A few considerations when people have ‘odd’ reactions to neurosteroids: One mentioned above is that
they need to miss first-pass so they need to be micronized in oil (or micronized and taken with oil), SL
drops or a troche. When people get peripheral effects (such as menstrual etc.) Another is to consider
the MOA which in addition to repair of CNS is also as a GABA agonist (if pregnenolone/progesterone) so
normally they have a calming effect.
If they get depressed then they can have an imbalance in metabolism with estrogen/progesterone (and
maybe testosterone). That (if they get depression with progesterone/pregnenolone) can be either low
or poor estrogen metabolism – OR – xenoestrogen binding (which can be chemical or metal toxicity. Also
it can be totally non- E/P issues and due to histamine metabolism in the CNS (which high can cause
agitation/anxiety and low can cause depression etc.) and as mentioned above the methyl donor
sensitivity usually causing serotonin and catecholamine surges / imbalance.
So considerations include dose and form of NS; Histamine issues (central and peripheral), and when
supporting the pathways and things like NS etc. cause odd reactions then the places to look include the
“other” neural systems like histamine and the effects of toxicity as both xenohormone effectors but also
as epigenetic triggers of SNPs and liver detox.. If that is all a bust (and it’s normally a part at least) then I
have also seen chronic infections be similar triggers.