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Laboratory Medicine Series Part 1

#79 Laboratory Medicine Series: Part-1

Laboratory medicine is a cornerstone of proper diagnosis and patient safety. This series is designed to break down the commonly used laboratory investigations in naturopathic and functional medicine. It will describe the tests in each category, discuss their meaning and define next steps to follow when abnormalities are found.

#28 Immunology Part-1 Low Dose Naltrexone

#28 Immunology Part-1 Low Dose Naltrexone Overview: Basic pharmacology of Naltrexone Low versus High Dose Strategies Low Dose Mechanisms Clinical Uses Prescribing Guidelines Resources

#30 NEURO Part-1 Neurological Therapies

#30 NEURO Part-1 Neurological Therapies Inflammation, Healing and Incorporation of Natural Therapies Topic Outline: 1.) Key concepts in functiono Nutrition – Cell Support – Neurotransmission – Balance 2.) Primary pathogenesis – Inflammation – Malnutrition – Imbalance 3.) Treating / correcting imbalance and dysfunction -Inflammation -Malnutrition -Imbalance

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