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#7 Histamine Triggers MCAS and Therapies

1.5 CE Total | 1.0 of which is pharm

This webinar concentrates on peripheral histamine metabolism in atopy, allergy, and like conditions. We will review HIS in the CNS, including neurotransmitter balance and metabolism then move to catecholamine metabolism, methylation, and interactions with glutamate and NMDA receptors. We will talk about global gut-brain inflammation syndrome and different prescriptions that effect histamine and H1 vs H2 receptors. Membrane phospholipids, immune stimuli, cytokine reactions and mast cell activation are discussed followed by mastocytosis, the role of GSH and Redox. Atopic pathology and primary support therapies with nutrient dosing strategies over time and a conversation about the order of addition and other clinical parameters.

#100 MCAS Part 2- Mast Cell Activation to Mastocytosis Assessment and Therapy

1.5 CE Total | 1.0 of which is Pharm

Part 1 of this series went into histamine biology and management deeply. In this follow-up CE we will look more closely at the spectrum of mast cell disorders ranging from major pathologies in the mastocytosis family through all the functional mast cell activation syndromes. Causes, aggravations, therapies (natural and pharmacologic), and management will be addressed.

#109 MCAS Part 3

2.0 CE Total | 1.0 of which is Pharm

Mast cell diseases are seemingly on the rise. The diagnosis and recognition of them certainly are. In this third installment of the “MCAS-MCD” series, Dr. Anderson will bring together concepts begun in parts 1 & 2. The role of external triggers for mast cells, the “non-mast cell” cell types, confusing laboratory studies, and integrative therapies will all be discussed.


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MCAS Bundle
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