Dr. A Collaborations

NOTE: that these are websites separate from www.consultdranderson.com and the policies and prices are not set by Dr. Anderson.

IV Chelation Certification Course with Exam (Online ND Cat-1):

12 CME Hours

Dr. Tom Morecroft - Prevention and Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease

Chronic Infectious Disease Management

18 AMA and ND Cat-1 CME

Nutrigenomics CME at CCNM

9 Hours Category A

Biologic Medications: Pharmacology & Patient Management

6 Hours Category A – Pharmacology

BHRT Online Training

AMA & ND Cat-1 Pharmacology 6 Credits good through 12-31-2021

Emergency Medicine for the Medical Office

4.5 ND Cat-1 CME | Subscribers of consultdranderson.com recieve 50% off.
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