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#90 Oncology: Caring for People with Cancer Through the Four Phases of Cancer

In this session, Dr. Anderson will discuss how the evolution of cancer patient assessment has evolved in the past 30 years. How to look at the big picture of the patient case as well as the detail and how knowing what “phase” the cancer is in can help the clinician appropriately focus time and resources.

GI cancer and microbiome considerations

#86 GI Cancer and Microbiome Considerations

We will discuss GI specific microbiome and cancer connections as well as specific cancer therapies. In this session Dr. Anderson will relate his experience and his review of the current data regarding the approach to GI cancers and their relationship to the microbiome. GI specific therapies and implementation will be discussed.

#70 Toxins, Immune Function, and Cancer

#70 Toxins, Immune Function, and Cancer Outline: Risk factors for cancer and proposed mechanisms: Metal toxins Chemical toxins Mycotoxins Testing and assessment: Therapeutic Strategies: In the preventive setting In the “secondary prevention” setting treating after cancer care to prevent recurrence Got a question? Head to the forum! Every Webinar has an associated, private forum. If …

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#66 Controversies in Oncology

#66 Controversies in Oncology Controversies (or maybe not) in Integrative Oncology: We hear “sound bites” saying ‘DON’T USE THIS IN CANCER PATIENTS’, or ‘THIS IS DANGEROUS’ etc. and are often confused. It becomes more confusing when the ‘experts’ will not all agree, and the treating physician is often not in a position to delve deeply …

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#53 Assessment Part-4 Interrelationships in Chronic Disease

#53 Assessment Part-4 Interrelationships in Chronic Disease CE 1.5 Total | 0.5 of which are Pharm Is it true that cancer, infections, autoimmunity and environmental disruptors all “feed on” each other?What does the science really say?If so how do we fit this into our thought process with patients? How does this inform: Prevention?Treatment?Assessment?  

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