Intravenous Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Information for Physicians and Patients Paul S. Anderson, ND – Director of IV Services Bastyr University Oncology Research Medical Director, Anderson Medical Specialty Associates – Seattle, Washington Intravenously administered high dose ascorbic acid (HDIVC) as used in cases of patients with cancer has considerable mythology surrounding it. The purpose of this review is not to …

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What kind of research is happening and how can it help cancer care and quality of life?” Research into ways to improve the life of people living with cancer will be the topic. Discussion of what is new what methods are used and how can it help now.  

Chronic Infections: Stealth respiratory infections

Are you aware that many infections spread through the air have the potential of “waiting” until you get sick or run down later to become active? How these infections change your health and contribute to other illnesses will be discussed, as well as potentials for testing and treatment.  

Female Hormones

Hormones – What are they and What do they do?  What are the functions of Estrogens/Progesterone/Testosterone?  How do they relate to the stress hormones?  What are their reproductive purposes?  How do Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone and other hormones interplay to create healthy balance beyond reproductive status?   What other tissues do they work in and why? …

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My doctor said my Iron is fine, is it?

Most people are aware that anemia and low iron can cause fatigue and other problems. Often when assessing anemia and iron status the full picture is not considered. How this system works and what needs to be looked into to be sure iron is not part of the fatigue picture will be discussed.  

Autoimmunity: Thyroiditis

What is autoimmunity? How does it affect the thyroid, the whole body and how can this be treated?  

Chronic Infections: Epstein Barr and its whole family

How can infections with virus such as the “Mono” virus family be a problem for an adult? How can these infections play into the health or chronic illness in an adult? Furthermore what can be done if one has such an infection?  

Thyroid Hormones

What is the thyroid gland, how does it affect our health and what options for treatment for thyroid issues exist?  

Low Energy: Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

In this discussion Dr. A will speak about a topic he has been deeply involved with for over twenty years. What causes conditions like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue? What can be done for these debilitating conditions?  

Why Can’t I Get Help for My Chronic Illness?

In this inaugural episode Dr. A speaks about the crisis in healthcare for people who try to get answers and can’t. What is it that blocks their access to help and those answers, and how can we work around those blockages.  

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