23 and me versus other genetic testing


RE: 23 and Me: Nothing is changed, you always had to go outside for  real SNP assessment and you still do (23 and me just has to do less of the “you have a 23% chance of cancer”…) but after they have the raw data you have them use on of the off site report services:

  1. Geneticgenie has a basic two report format (methylation and detox SNP’s) which, if the Dr is new, is a good way to start.
  2. people do the biggest ones. These can be a little overwhelming if the practitioner is new to genetic analysis,    but is a great report.
  3. Genova does a few panels as well as Dr’s Data if you want to go that route. 99% of our patients start with 23 and me.

[I have no commercial interest in anything in this post :-)]

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