10 DCA Summary final 2014

As used at Anderson Medical Specialty Associates and in the Bastyr University Clinical Research Center (BCRC).

8a GSH Augmentation and Cell Protection

GlutathioneUse in cell repair and augmentation of parenteral glutathione before and after administration:Rationale and formula developed for the BIORC – AMSA Clinics during the integrative oncology study.

6B – Leukemia and Oxidative Therapies Including Intravenous Ascorbic Acid / HDIVC

A seeming conundrum regarding the ability of some leukemic cells (i.e. CLL) to sequester ascorbate (ASC) has led to confusion regarding the safety and utility of high dose ascorbate delivered via IV (HDIVC). This has led to some apparent confusion between this concern and the apparent positive benefits of HDIVC seen in clinical practice.

6 Ascorbate and Oncologic Therapies

Updated Data Review and Policies for concurrent use at Anderson Medical Specialty Associates, Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine Research Institute and Medical Center and Bastyr University Clinical Research Center

3 Ascorbate Oxidative vs Non-Oxidative Dosing

Oxidative versus Non-oxidative dosing of High and Low Dose Intravenous Ascorbic Acid as used by Bastyr University Clinical Research Center (BCRC) and Anderson Medical Specialty Associates (AMSA)

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