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Xray of Multiple Sclerosis
8 May 2015



I have a patient with MS and am wondering what things I should include in my assessment and care plans.


We generally try to consider multiple potential aggravations in the patient which can increase the effect and symptom picture in MS and other autoimmune cases. These include immunologic, infectious, inflammatory, toxic and many other parameters. The basic format of therapy includes addressing the assessed weak areas in an order that the patient tolerates, generally starting with cell support and inflammatory modulation such as…

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Work up is for the following co-morbidities (much more detail in the document “Autoimmunity-Anderson”):

  • Chronic Infections
  • Thyroid / Adrenal and Reproductive hormone assessment
  • -MTHFR and other genomics
  • And other labs assessing autoimmunity and inflammation (ANA / Anti-TG and TPO Ab’s…)

Possibly ALCAT food assessment as it is an inflammatory response test to foods and other things

As for treatment:

  • IV in my experience is best on the front end and oral as you go along. If only oral then it’s slower.
  • Then the protocol deals with the obvious above (if abnormal) and cell support (IV and Oral or oral only) of:
  • Poly-MVA – low dose (5-15 mL)
  • Vit A & D in lipid forms orally
  • Phospholipids (PTC etc)
  • Glutathione and support nutrients
  • Best success is when all areas are assessed and treated.

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