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26 Apr 2017


Artemisinin: Anti-inflammatory and Immunoregulatory Functions

Artemisinin and its derivatives are widely used in the world as the first-line antimalarial drug. Recently, growing evidences reveal that artemisinin and its derivatives also possess potent anti-inflammatory and immunoregulatory properties. Meanwhile, researchers around the world are still exploring the unknown bioactivities of artemisinin derivatives. In this review, we provide a comprehensive discussion on recent advances of artemisinin derivatives affecting inflammation and autoimmunity, the underlying molecular mechanisms, and also drug development of artemisinins beyond antimalarial functions.

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Reference:  Shi C, Li H, Yang Y and Hou L. Anti-Inflammatory and Immunoregulatory Functions of Artemisinin and Its Derivatives. Mediators of Inflammation Volume 2015, Article ID 435713, 7 pages