Energy, Interview with Cameron Steele

Interview today with Cameron Steele, co-owner of CTR radio network: Energy – What is it, how can I get more and what affects it?

In this program Dr. Anderson and Cameron Steele will discuss “energy” – the kind you feel when you have vitality and the kind that you don’t feel when you are fatigued. Topics include what “energy” we feel is from, how it is made and how it gets damaged.


  • What does it mean when I feel energetic?
  • How about when I’m tired or fatigued?
  • Is this mostly in my mind?
  • How come some people are more energetic than others?
  • What medical causes of low energy are there?
  • If I don’t have a disease but I do have fatigue what will help?
  • What do you do at your clinic when someone has chronic fatigue?
  • Since low or high energy is not all “in my mind” what can I do with my thinking that can help?
  • I heard about a Dr. prescribing a stimulant to a friend for fatigue, is that a real thing? Does it work?
  • You mentioned next month’s shows are about the “other” kind of energy – what will those shows be about?

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