QUESTION: 5 y.o. male with heterozygous MTHFR C677 mutation. Dentist wants to give Nitrous for procedure this week. Dentist told mother that if he treats the patient with oxygen therapy following nitrous that this will negate the negative effects of nitrous for those with MTHFR mutations. I can’t find anything on this. Have you heard of this? Since nitrous causing oxidation of the B12, i’m not sure why oxygen therapy would help reverse this, am I missing something?

ANSWER: This is pretty common, and seemingly every mom knows about it…

Basically with a Hetero there is little risk, and the O2 Rx is fine. The worry is that lower nitrite reduction in methylation “challenged” folks (which in toxic people with big methyl cycle defects) can make NO toxic. I do support for the pathways as usual (including mineral and B-vit cofactors) and a lot of GSH support. Normally that is fine
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