#106 Mitochondrial Disease and Disorders

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While the understanding of the physiological role of mitochondria is common, the relationship of the mitochondria to both stressors, disease states, functional states, and appropriate therapies are less understood. In this CME Dr. Anderson will break down the function of mitochondria, disease and functional dysfunctional states, testing and therapies.


⭑ Define the difference between mitochondrial disease and dysfunction

⭑ Describe mitochondrial effectors

⭑ Describe testing for mitochondrial illness

⭑ Describe testing for mitochondrial dysfunction

⭑ Discuss mitochondrial therapies

CME Outline

  • Mitochondrial Disease vs. Functional Mitochondrial Disorders
  • Common mitochondrial effectors
  • Assessment: -Standard Testing Protocols -Additional Testing
  • Therapies: -Rx for mitochondria -Natural mitochondrial supports

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