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Therapeutics, Clinical Thinking

#10 IV Injection Q&A Part-1

CE 1.5 Total | 1.0 of which are Pharm

Questions include:

What is causing delayed onset fever, malaise and chills after an IV? Do we need special tubing for ALA? GSH protocol for skin lightening?

Comments on Dr. Berkson’s ALA protocol and how to decide which IV protocol to give for cancer patients? An explanation and justification of USP 797 and the 6 hour rule and an IV protocol for ascites.

Which therapies can help with neutropenia from chemo and radiation? A discussion of where to start and how to progress through of therapy for autism. How to manage a patient who cannot have hormone replacement? We finish up with a discussion of the ketogenic diet in cancer, when to test for G6PD and IgG deficiency and high BP persisting after lead chelation.

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