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Consult Dr. Anderson is a continuing education website with extensive webinars taught by Dr. Paul Anderson to help licensed naturopathic doctors obtain CE credits on various topics. Dr. Anderson, or Dr. A, is internationally recognized for his focus on integrative and naturopathic medicine with complex infectious, chronic, and oncologic illnesses. With his 30+ years of educating physicians and hands-on clinical research, you can be sure these courses have all the information you are looking for. CDA offers Monthly, Yearly, and Corporate subscription rates, as well as individual webinar purchases from our 90+ webinar archive. All webinars are AANP certified!

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#75 Immunology Part 5 Functional Immunology and Updates on TH1/2/17 Balance
January 19th, 2021 @ 5:30PM Pacific

CE 2.0 Total /
1.0 of which Pharmacology


#100 MCAS Part 2 – Mast Cell Activation to Mastocytosis Assessment & Therapy


#99 Advanced Lipid Assessment: Laboratory Evaluation & Management


#98 Toxicity and the GI Tract – Assessment & Therapies


#97 Multiple Sclerosis: Pharmacology and Integrative Case Management


#96 Graves Hyperthyroidism: Pharmacology and Integrative Case Management


#94 The Microbiome and Cancer with a GI Cancer Update


#93 Cardiology Updates: Pathophysiology and Pharmacology


#92 Detoxification & Depuration of Toxicants – Integrated Strategies: Detoxification Part-5


#91 GI Pharmacology – Infectious Disease


#90 Oncology: Caring for People with Cancer Through the Four Phases of Cancer


#79 Laboratory Medicine Series: Part-1


#78 LDN Updates and Dosing Information


Immunology is an ever-emerging part of biomedical science.
In this session Dr. Anderson will update attendees regarding the Cell Mediated immune response, specifically where it concerns TH-1 and TH-2 effects, and their related immunology. The interrelationships between this portion of CMI and clinical medicine will be discussed.

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#51 NEURO Part-3 Neurological Autoimmunity – Part 1 of 2


#56 Chronic Infections Part-3 Pharmaceutical Agent Management


#58 Chronic Infections Part-4 Natural Agent Management


#06 Autoimmunity Part-1 Overview and Case Assessment


#07 Histamine Triggers MCAS and Therapies

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What Our Students Have to Say

Dr. Anderson is a national treasure! There are few doctors that possess his breadth and depth of knowledge of medicine. I had the privilege of having Dr. A as a professor in med school and he was incredible! He was passionate about medicine and making us all better doctors. I regularly access his powerpoints of biochemical pathways when working on more complex patient presentations. Thank you Dr. A!!
Dr. Tina B.
I have benefitted from the guidance and expertise of Dr. A for over a decade now. As a student he was a master at teaching mundane and difficult medical board material, which were always weekend intensives, in an effective manner yet mixed it up with a little bit of humor to help keep us engaged.
Dr. Christina Y.
From Australia
I have professionally and personally known Dr. Paul Anderson since our meeting sometime in 2009/2010 … He is an open and honest communicator that is willing to think outside the box and yet maintain a humble approach that he like the rest of us have much to learn and together we can vastly improve our health care system and the lives of the patients..
Nutraceutical Industry Professional
Dr. Anderson’s basic science board review class was the reason I passed my boards. With the overwhelming amount of information we are required to know, Dr. Anderson organizes and presents the material in a way that leads to true understanding, as opposed to those futile attempts at memorization. He is also quite entertaining, which helps with the stress of it all! I highly recommend Dr. Anderson’s review class to anyone studying for boards!
Dr. Ayla Hopkins
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