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26 Feb 2016


QUESTION: In reviewing Radiation Recovery info from files and several IV seminars I still need clarification on the glutathione. My understanding was no glutathione on the same day as HDIVC. The Augmented Glutathione (Radiation Recovery) Formula from 1/2014 has a GSH preload. There is 25 grams of Vit C in the formula. Can you help me understand this one? Maybe 25 grams is not considered high dose?

ANSWER: Good question. As to IVC, if the dose is oxidative but you add the other ingredients to make the GSH co-factors work it isn’t really an oxidant any more. The 2.5 to 25 grams ascorbate in that formula are used as GSH co-factors not as an oxidant primer. The only likely oxidative IVC are those you have in the notes with just Vit C and Mineral Cl- salts of Mag/Cal/K.