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16 Aug 2017

Trace minerals for chemically sensitive patients

What type of trace mineral formula are you typically using? (mentioned in your AANP 2015 Genomic boot camp lectures.) Two groups of formulations come to mind, such as professional brand trace mineral formulations (e.g. AOR Orthominerals, Thorne Trace minerals, etc), then there are the formulations where sea water is typically concentrated, giving the whole gamut, good and potentially not so good (e.g. Anderson’s health solutions concentrace or similar.) Would your choice be different in a chemical sensitivity patient?

Many thanks in advance!

Dr Anderson:

Hello and thank you for the question;

In general, for inorganic co-factor support, you want as broad a mineral intake as possible. In real sensitive folks, I use an organic source that is lower dose and broad then move up and or add more specific minerals. I have used concentrace, Organic Trace Minerals (Standard Process) etc.

My concern lately is that most reactive people need copper and molybdenum as well as the other minerals and most professional lines have taken Cu out of most offerings. No, they don’t need a lot of it but it is a huge co-factor in many neuro/detox and other pathways. So I have people look for trace mineral mixes with copper and molybdenum – then you can be pretty sure the rest will be in there.

After a broad base and once the person is not too reactive (or earlier in a less sensitive person) then I add specific trace elements as needed. Mo for the sulfite sensitive, Cu for those with histamine, dopamine or other specific issues for example.

-Dr A

Periodic table of chemical elements with Macrominerals and Trace Minerals highlighted