Toxins and my health: Just what do toxins do to affect my health?

Original air date, 03-09-2017

Generally (more specific later in the show):

  • They interfere on many levels
  • They are not ‘supposed’ to be in us BUT they can ‘look like’ things that are
  • They get in via many routes and build up over time
  • They are ‘stealthy’ and don’t often show up on regular tests
  • They are great ‘masqueraders’ and mimic many other diseases or make them worse
  • “Aren’t we ALL toxic?”

How do they cause trouble?

How do I get exposed to them?

  • Air, Water, Food…
  • Concept of “Body Burden”
  • Some eliminate faster than others

What can I do about them?

  • Avoid
  • Depurate
  • Detoxify

Listen to the episode here!



Originally aired, and hosted on Contact Talk Radio,
by Dr. Paul Anderson every week!

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