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5 Apr 2016


QUESTION: Pt with follicular lymphoma referred over for IV therapy.. They recommended just nutrient and glutathione pushes but are open to other therapies. I see in my lecture notes a case where IVC, Viscum, and DCA were used. Is IVC alone a good start? Would love some guidance or to be pointed to appropriate references.

ANSWER: A few overall thoughts.  I’ll reference “B-Cell” as we have more data on that but follicular is it’s weaker cousin so you have a good chance of some or a lot of success.

**First I wouldn’t start with IVC.  In fact I’d use it maybe as a synergist or second / third line agent.  That’s based on a lot of cases.

As to the “chemo” – Rituxan being a MAB drug has little true data on synergy or antagonism with many natural products – especially Vitamin C, but in it’s overall ‘class’ there is little concern so we do use those together. Some papers like [1] show great promise for curcumin synergized with EGCG, and a VERY brave woman at Cornell wrote how it can be used as a primary potential co-therapy in B-Cell disease.  Curcumin likely is quite a potential sensitizer and synergist with Rituxan which is “kind of” mentioned in [3] if one looks closely.

So Curcumin (which can be OK IV) and EGCG (mostly PO now) are a possibility.

**The DCA-LAMC protocol is another and I always start Lymphomas with that as it has worked most for me, and can be done IV only / Oral only OR combination.  It is posted in documents.  It HAS to be done with a low carb or Keto / Keto Adapted diet and a retinoid (like retinyl palmitate).  Even better with HBOT but not 100% needed.

I normally do DCA-LAMC IV 2X a week and oral Curcumin/EGCG as a base therapy.  More cost effective than IV curcumin – but I’d switch to IV curcumin if it isn’t working well after 8 weeks.

[1] Laura S. Angelo and Razelle Kurzrock. Turmeric and Green Tea: A Recipe for the Treatment of B-Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. Clin Cancer Res February 15, 2009 15; 1123. doi: 10.1158/1078-0432.CCR-08-2791

[2] Milizia, Christina. The use of curcumin as an adjunct to chemotherapy in diffuse large B cell lymphoma WEILL MEDICAL COLLEGE OF CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 2015, 39 pages; 10009597

[3] Ronald P. Taylor and Margaret A. Lindorfer. Antigenic Modulation and Rituximab Resistance. Semin Hematol 47:124–132.