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March 2017 Focus: Toxicity
12 Oct 2017

INTERVIEW: Therapies to help eliminate and mitigate toxins.

Original air date, 03-23-2017

  • Why are we so toxic

It is really about just a few things.  One is that there are more chemicals now than ever in human history and our exposure is higher than ever as well.  We have tens of thousands of chemicals in the world now that were NOT in existence 75 years ago.

  • How do toxins make us sick

Otherwise this was dealt with in prior programs in this series.

  • What if I don’t feel sick

That is great!  Often with environmental exposure that is not “acutely toxic” we do not feel symptoms for quite some time.  The best thing to remember is that it is easier to work on depuration (see the first program in this series) when you feel fine than once you have symptoms.

  • Can we avoid toxins
  • How can we eliminate chemicals
  • How about metals

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