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10 May 2016


QUESTION: 60 yo male – Medical history: Parkinson’s plus syndrome (suspicion for PSP type), type II diabetes, HTN. Current Rx metformin, Invokana, Monopril, Sinemet, LDN

Current symptoms include bradykinesia, ataxia, dysarthria, widened gait that is unbalanced, cognitive impairment (subjective and observed complaints of recall and confusion) however MOCA score continues to be WNL. He is no longer able to ride a bike, drive a car, and experiences several episodes of falling regularly. All symptoms have continued to get worse over the past 10 months.

Significant exposure to 2,4-D herbicide as a young adult. Mild, infrequent (annually) exposures for many years since.

Initially started him on liposomal GSH, ALA, Omega3, NAC, phytonutrient anti-oxidants, VitD3, taurine, B-vits. We also initiated IV Phosphatidylcholine 1,000mg followed by 2000mg GSH-IVP (twice per week). He reported feeling improvements in cognition over the first few months on the IV’s however felt there was no more benefit being received as of last month.

Removal of four teeth (failed root canals) which had evidence of low grade infection over the last 10 weeks.

More recently initiated interventions:
1) LDN 4.5mg hs
2) PO DMSA 250mg hs (cycled 4 on 10 off) – mild elevation in Pb on urine toxic metals; elevated urinary coproporphyrin III
3) 5HTP due to results of neurobiogenic amines test
4) Switched from IV PC/GSH to IV DCA/ALA in hopes of mitochondrial resuscitation, which he is only able to schedule once per week at this point

He appears to be progressing steadily, so any thoughts/strategies here would be appreciated!

ANSWER: These cases are tough and sometimes all the therapy can kind of seem to “bounce off” – even if they are slowing things.

I’d consider the following as a trial for 2 months:
1. IV 120mg Artesunate + 25G IVC once a week (regulate cytokines plus address occult ID).
2. IV Poly-MVA 10 mL then ramp up to 30-40 mL in 100 mL saline. Follow that with the GSH support IV + GSH (it’s posted in many places)

I’d make oral changes but often they are not noticed – (what you are doing is great).
With a CNS thing I’d try 1/2-1 gram Boswelya and 1/2-1 gram Curcumin taken together BID.