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14 May 2018

Sulfur Dioxide VOG Considerations

Sulfur dioxide is water soluble and an immediate stress on the respiratory apparatus, and then the cardiovascular and neurological systems to name a few. It is primary detoxified via SUOX which can be slow for three reasons: SUOX SNPs, heavy metal effect such as tungsten and cofactor insufficiency (molybdenum).

Of note this detox pathway is the same one that biotransforms much of the nitric oxide so issues here have added cardiac and neurological effects.

People present with respiratory and other symptoms especially cardiac and neurological.

Urinary sulfite levels will be elevated. This can be tested with urinary sulfite test strips.

Treatment Considerations:

First goal is activate SUOX as best possible. Acutely 300-500 mcg Molybdenum BID for four weeks can help then taper that to 100-200 mcg QD. If sulfite levels are still elevated heavy metal assessment and treatment should be initiated.

Once the sulfite is converted to sulfate by SUOX it can be used in Phase-2 sulfation pathways as a substrate.

It should be noted that symptomatic people should NOT be given glutathione until a functioning SUOX is assured as glutathione also stresses the SUOX system.

Also, if the person is sulfite sensitive, back off on primary methyl donors (Methyl B12 and folate) as they force more work into CBS and then SUOX. Trimethylglycine (Betaine) can lower the burden on CBS. Once the person is not sulfite sensitive they can resume primary methyl donors.

Additionally, fast CBS mutations will overload SUOX (similar to glutathione) making people more sulfur dioxide sensitive.

So after SUOX / Molybdenum work is started consider CBS calming with 50 – 150 mg P5P, Bowel Tolerance Magnesium and Vitamin C for a month then taper down on all. After this (especially in asthmatics or generally glutathione sensitive people) a trial of glutathione can be initiated.


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