QUESTION: 40yo F, tons of SNPs, wants to start supplements one by one since she is used to reacting poorly to things, started on minimal dose of trace minerals and feels poorly on them; her symptoms were inability to focus, anxiety, and feeling “on edge”. I thought minerals would be the most basic support?

ANSWER: Minerals are OFTEN the key to starting pathways and can have a role in “opening the floodgates up”. If the organic cofactors are there and minerals lack the organic part (b vits etc) they will ‘suddenly’ work and the patient will aggravate. This is not a permanent thing. I’d suggest diet support, and supporting the foundations – gut, adrenals, iron, antioxidants etc then add minerals back in.

She may also be toxic (likely) so that shifts things. When minerals aggravate the person is (a) just really backed up (b)very B Vit deficient and-or mineral deficient (c) toxic (d) some combination

It improves eventually.

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