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26 Apr 2017

“ReDox” Biology

Our ever-evolving understanding of oxidative balance, kinetics and implications in health and disease

Four systematic review papers published in the past two years all take a different approach to describe our ever evolving and deepening understanding of the activity of Reductive-Oxidative balance (ReDox).  These four papers (and many like them) have sought to update the scientific community in regard to our ever evolving understanding of this precariously balanced system.  Aside from simple and outdated notions about ReDox (oxidation is bad and reduction / antioxidants are good) many factions of medical science have been striving to elucidate the actual purposes and effects of this balancing system.  Even potentially deeper understanding (and more questions to answer) arises when one looks into the use of ReDox in the oncologic cell setting.  Additionally some look at the effects of changes in the ReDox system on the epigenome and potentials for therapies that may inform.

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