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January 2018 Focus: Health After Cancer
Dr. A with a headset on recording.
17 Feb 2018

Preventing the return of cancer – Let’s get down to what I can do

Originally aired on 01-25-18

Interview: Cameron, co-owner of CTR Radio, will Interview Dr. Anderson about cancer prevention, especially once a person is done with cancer therapy and has no evidence of cancer left.

Areas we will discuss will range in the following areas:

  • Definitions of secondary prevention, no evidence of disease, cancer stem cells etc.
  • What are epigenetics and can they alter my secondary cancer risks?
  • How can someone short on money not spend a fortune and still live an anti-cancer lifestyle?
  • Is the “mind game” real? Can that really help me and my health?
  • And many more …

Listen to the episode here!



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