Chemical structure of prednisone

Prednisone Tapering and Hydrocortisone

Is Prednisone 50 mg for one month too excessive of a dose and how much Hydrocortisone should I prescribe once she start to taper down the prednisone. Would 20 mg BID of Hydrocortisone be appropriate? I’d really appreciate your input. It’ll be my first case of post-prednisone support.

Dr. Anderson

In bad autoimmune cases, 50 mg Prednisone for a time is not too much.
Normally we taper down Prednisone to 10 mg then switch over to Hydrocortisone (40 mg) and taper that slowly / as tolerated.
During this time of tapering, they need a lot of B vitamins, trace minerals, and adrenal herbs.
Also, you need to watch the thyroid (including rT3) during the taper as sometimes a bad cortisol taper is due to thyroid trouble.

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