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29 May 2016


QUESTION: I just listened to your antidepressant tapering webcall, and you talked about looking at the patient’s reaction to meds to get a better idea of where their brain needs the most support.

I’m wondering about someone put on Lexipro for situational grief, it never helped, she was left on it for 5 years, now can’t get off it — would you basically do the same serotonin taper support as if it had helped, or would you be thinking something different (beyond assessing general health – methylation, adrenals, thyroid, sugars etc)

This person is 20 and in her first year of post kidney transplant if that makes any difference to the reality of being able to wean off. Thanks for any input!

ANSWER: Basically, when you don’t have positive effect from an antidepressant or other drug then it is usually other triggers / causes. So yes Thyroid, adrenals, reproductive hormones, methylation etc are all where I’d go. And yes while you do a slow taper of the Lexapro I would do Serotonin support.