“Outside the Box Cancer Therapies”

Originally aired live on 01/03/2019

In this program Dr. Anderson will discuss his view of cancer care and what considerations “inside” and “outside” the box we should consider when dealing with cancer. He will go through the best-selling book of the same name that Dr. Stengler and he co-authored. Some topics will include: what is cancer and how do you get it? I’ve had successful cancer treatment, what now? What is best for prevention? Is there one “best diet”? What else…

Book available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and www.DrAbooks.com

Chapter 1 Real Hope with Integrative Oncology

Chapter 2 Root Causes of Cancer

Chapter 3 Contrasting Conventional and Integrative Oncology

Chapter 4 Foods that Battle Cancer

Chapter 5 Super Supplements for Fighting Cancer

Chapter 6 Intravenous and Injection Therapies

Chapter 7 Protection and Recovery from Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery

Chapter 8 Protection and Recovery from Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery

Chapter 9 Common Cancers and Integrative Approaches

Chapter 10 Other Alternative Therapies for Cancer

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