MTHFR and EBV-HHV flares

Most have seen this: Warning: Improving your methylation may trigger an EBV relapse
This article points to the idea of “correcting methylation causes EBV relapse”.

In one sense, true BUT: without working genomics and especially methylation one becomes (much more likely to be) a chronic re-activator of EBV and other HHV Viri. We saw this association in our FMS-CFS study as well.

The real issue: Until one helps the methyl cycle there is no chance to mount a proper immune response and be a “non re-activator” as 80-95% of humans are. The paper is good but misses the point. This is not in my experience theoretical (as the authors’ assumptions are) but rather born out as we followed those patients in the Methylation / CFS-FMS study (most of whom reactivated HHV viri a lot) and it was not until we “fixed” the methyl cycle issues that they could eventually mount an immune response and become ‘quiescent’ with their HHV (EBV) infections, and have better immune competency.

So yes one may have a titer flare with methyl support (your marrow starts to work finally) but the appropriate response required is predicated on that methyl cycle working. This was born out in case after case we followed. Sure, not as titillating as their title or hypothesis but in the long run supports appropriate therapy.

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