The “Mind Game” Tips, Tricks and Ideas

Originally aired on 02-15-2018


In this program Dr. Anderson will expand on the practical daily practices people with any disease or disorder can employ to support the mind-body connection. Ideas mentioned in the first two programs will be outlined and examples for implementing the processes will be given.

· “How to rewire the subconscious mind”

· Other ideas:

o Your “Self-talk”

o How you deal with ‘stress’?

o Who is around you?

o What messages do you let in?

· Meditation: This simple practice has been around for thousands of years.

o For those who may believe their spiritual tradition opposes meditation – even the famous Theologian Martin Luther (helped get the Protestant religion off the ground) had this as the base of his practice: Oratio, meditatio, tentatio” (prayer, meditation, trial).

· Deep breathing: This part of meditation also works on its own. Just take a deep breath in from your diaphragm, hold it for a few seconds, and then slowly let it out.

· Progressive muscle relaxation: This technique relaxes your entire body, one muscle group at a time.

· Graded, progressive movement activity.

· Guided imagery and visualization: Use them to harness the power of your imagination. Focus on a pleasant scene to steer your mind away from stressful thoughts related to your cancer or your treatments. You can create your own image, use a CD or video to guide you, or work with a therapist.

· Yoga, Pilates, tai chi etc.:

· Some great YouTube Videos:

o How to grow new brain cells:

o Is there scientific proof we can heal ourselves?

o Overcoming neural predispositions to suffering:

Is there any good book out there with all of this type of information available?

o   Watch for the release of Dr.A’s book “Outside the Box Cancer Therapies” [gdlr_button href=”” target=”_self” size=”small” background=”#428bca” color=”#ffffff”]More info at![/gdlr_button]


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