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Close up of an IV Drip
25 Aug 2017

Magnesium Chloride in IVs

I need IVC 50g for a pt Friday but can’t get MagCloride anywhere. I use the University of Kansas formula which is just sterile water, VitC, and magnesium chloride so I keep ingredients to 2 since I don’t have a hood. However, magnesium chloride is out of stock everywhere. I spoke with Infuserve Pharmacy and he said they usually just do 50g of IVC in 750 mL sterile water. Think this is safe?

Dr. Anderson:

Use MgSO4.
(I don’t agree with the KU med formula but I understand why you are using it). Use 5 mL MgSO4, and 50 G ivc in 500-740 SW with the mag