Macronutrition and Health

Originally aired on 11-09-2017


How can the manipulation of my macronutrients make changes in my health and biochemistry? Is fasting really safe? There seems to be confusion around fat sources and vegetables (which are best / worst)…

  • What are the “macronutrients” again?
  • What do they do in my body when I eat them?
  • How does balance play in to this all?
  • Are all fats the same?
  • Are all protein sources the same?
  • Are all veggies the same?
  • How can one macronutrient make another healthier or less healthy?
  • What tips across the board make any diet healthier?
  • How are these “rearranged” into different diets?
  • Not eating – what’s the deal with fasting?


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