QUESTION: I have two patients (one female 56yo (PI) and one male 50yo (GP)) that have high levels of EBV EA (24 for PI, >150 for GP). So I started them on valtrex 1g bid, did myer’s IV on both, IVC on female and first IVC on male tomorrow. Along with adrenal support, niacel for PI. Both of them feel worse: more extreme fatigue and stomach upset. They both say they felt better before treatment. PI did feel better for only a couple days after myers and worse after IVC. Is this a normal course of events, people feel worse before they feel better? Could it be something else going on and the mono titers just happen to be up. Maybe the valtrex is creating a herxheimer-like reaction?

ANSWER: It is more common for patients to feel ‘bad’ after IVC (even if not every IVC) than feel good. In fact, feeling worse makes it a sure thing it’s helping. I tell all chronic viral folks to expect to feel worse. If they feel OK its a bonus. Also if they quit a Tx that aggravates them it only makes the viri stronger and it will never leave. Valtrex and Acyclovir cause “herx” like rxns. Same story as the aggravation to IVC. Means they need it. It’s all how you prep them and warn them to some degree that it could happen, or as human nature goes, they will want to quit.
Do you add Germanium and Zinc to the IVC? We use 400-500mg Germanium (McGuff) and 20 mg Zinc in all the HDIVC for viral folks. They will react more at times but it really increases efficacy of the IVC in viri. Intersperse the IV Vit-Min and they will feel better with the IVC – maybe 2-4 IVC per 1 Vit Min. This is all expected with these patients and means you are doing the right and not the wrong thing.

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