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1 Mar 2018

IV Therapy Rotation in Chronic Infections

As with most things in clinical medicine there is no one cookbook answer.  Much has to be decided based on the patient stability in the other areas being assessed and or treated in the chronic ID case such as endocrine, GI, physical, toxic etc etc.  That said there is in my experience a few common patterns to consider based on the patients vitality and reserve.  Keep in mind sometimes the only way one knows the depth of the reserve is to start treating and then see if they can tolerate treatment.

     Common IV protocols in chronic infectious cases include (but are not limited to) Oxidative therapies [Ozone, ART-IVC, HDIVC, H2O2 and the like]; Immune stimulating therapies [HCl, Germanium, Zinc, Mistletoe, Salicinium (anaerobic infections), IVC of any dose, ART, some multi-nutrient formulas, etc. etc.]; Mitochondrial and cell repair formulas (some of the most under used formulas in chronic patients) such as [Vitamin-Mineral-Amino Acid + GSH, Carnitine, Taurine, ALA or Poly-MVA, Phospholipids, IVC, etc.].  Synergy with mild hyperthermia, electro therapies like PEMF and hyperbaric oxygen in these patients are incredible and should be considered as well.  Below are some common treatment schedules and rotations I have used in the variety of patients one has in the chronic infectious spectrum.  All assume a well-rounded non IV protocol simultaneously occurring.

  1. Patients with good vitality on a well-rounded non-IV program:

2-3 IV a week for 4-8 weeks then re-assess.  1 being Oxidative and if able to do 3 IV a week then the other two are Immune Stimulating and then Mitochondrial / cell support.  Re-assess as you go (if it is too much then go to a lower intervention to build them up).  If positive outcomes at 4-8 weeks then decrease to 1-2 IV a week for 4-8 weeks and taper as clinically indicated.

  1. Patients with mid-level vitality early in treatment:

2-3 IV a week for 8 weeks with 2 being Mitochondrial / cell support and one being either Immune Stimulating or Oxidative.  If they show signs of improved vitality then do 4 weeks at option “1” above.

  1. Patients early in treatment with low or unknown vitality:

Start with 1-2 IV a week for 2-4 weeks at the Mitochondrial / cell support level only.  Then add on some Immune supportive agents to one of the IV’s a week for another 2-4 weeks.  If able to after 4-8 weeks then go to 1 Mitochondrial / cell support and 1 Oxidative a week.  Change intensity as tolerance is shown.

Of course any combination of these is possible, and I typically reassess the schedule and rotation of therapies every 4-8 weeks.  The choice of which therapy in a group to use is largely based on availability, your own clinical experience and the patients tolerance, which is why having more than one of each available in your clinic is a good practice.  The most important thing is to keep an eye on patient tolerance, energy recovery post-IV and other related factors.