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August 2017 Focus: Medicine
28 Oct 2017

Isn’t this “Complementary, Naturopathic or Integrative Medicine” all “quackery” I hear there is NO SCIENCE!

Originally aired on, 08-10-2017


In the modern age of the internet with access to any information in the world (and some more accurate than others) one can find a basis to believe whatever they want.  If you seek information that all integrative / complementary or naturopathic medicine is not science based and quackery – you’ll find it!  If you believe that all this is the only system of medicine that should be used and is completely correct – you’ll find that too!  In this program Dr. Anderson will discuss the science behind the practices in integrative, complementary and naturopathic medicine  Sometimes one can find information for basic self-care online that is reliable, and sometimes it is best to get a professional opinion and some guidance.  Dr. Anderson will also give examples he has seen where “self-directed” care worked, and where it did not and what type of provider will be able to help most.  Also discussed will be how to speak to your current health care provider about these ideas.




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