Interview: So what is a good diet?

Originally aired on 09-28-2017


In this show Cameron from CTR Radio will interview Dr. Anderson about common questions and misconceptions people have regarding food, food safety, weight management and many other dietary issues. Also the potential benefits of fasting and the differences in the different types of “fasts” including water only fasts, juice fasts, intermittent fasting and more.

  • What are the “basics” of a healthy diet?
  • Someone told me that low fat diets were not as healthy as we once thought.  Is that right?
  • Is it really necessary for me to but organic food?
  • A doctor told me some foods are more inflammatory than others and that could cause weight gain and other health issues.  Is that true and what foods should I watch for?
  • My doctor wants me to go on a “low carb” diet, what does that mean and why?
  • I was reading some diabetic diet information and it said “a carb is a carb” as far as counting them. Is that really true?
  • What are these ketogenic diets I hear about and what are they good for?
  • I have read about different fasting ideas online. Sounds interesting but isn’t fasting dangerous? When would it work and how could that help someone?



Listen to the episode here!



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