Patient with History of Fatigue and sleepiness.
* Hashimotos Thyroid (mild elevation of both Tg and TPO Ab)
* Over weight, under slept , etc
* Found ASO titer Elevated (218)
* High EBV chronic markers (EBV IgG VAC and NA both > 5.00 (quest max sensitivity))
* High Mycoplasma p. (IgG titer 1.43)
* High C. Pneumonia titer: 1:128)
* HHV6: 1:40
Doing an Anti-Viral protocol. I’m concerned about best way to handle the ASO Titer issue. Please let me know what is a good way to assess ASO Titer in a chronic presenting patient. How do I assess further and when and what do I treat??

ASO are the last to extinguish in almost all cases. Also HEAVILY biofilm protected and often resident in GI hemolytic Strep forms. I have seen them take 3-6 years to drop after every other ID bug goes away.

With the Biosolve I see them drop faster – but maybe will take a year of biofilm therapy additional to all other Tx. I find the Biofilm most helpful (wish I knew that 20 years ago) and I usually find some Rx is needed but with Biofilm Rx NatMeds might work in rotation.

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