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Health After Cancer Part-2

Originally aired on 01-18-2018

Break it down: What else can I look at and work on for cancer prevention once I have had cancer already?

In this program Dr. Anderson will specifically discuss what is known as “secondary prevention” or “how can I keep the cancer from returning”? In Part two today he will talk about what the cancer stem cell (and other cancer recurrence) triggers are so you have more information for preventive topics. Specific topics in this program:

· Food and Diet influences:

o What I eat

o When I eat

o How clean I eat

o How much I eat

· Infections and Immune Influences:

o I don’t feel sick, can I have an infection?

o How does an infection stir up cancer?

o What are common silent infections?

o What do I do about them?

· Digestive Health Influences:

o What is the “biome”?

o How much immunity is in my digestive system?

· Muscle Mass and Exercise Influences:

o Not all “weight” is the same

o Metabolism is important

o What if I’m tired

· Epigenetic Influences:

o I already got cancer – isn’t my gene base “set”?

o What can I do to affect my genes?

· The “Mind Game” – how thoughts influence immune health.


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