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February 2017 Focus: The Gut-Body Connection
gut brain connection
5 Oct 2017

The Gut – Brain Connection:

Original air date, 02-16-2017

Can my GI tract really affect my brain, thinking and mental health?

We spoke in the prior two sessions about the complexity of the digestive system, how it has so many connections beyond just getting nutrients from food (such as inflammation, immunity etc.)  For many of the same reasons you can have “GUT-BRAIN” connections that can affect how the brain functions, how much inflammation it has and many other things.

  • How can this happen?
  • What can make it worse?
  • Are there any diseases associated?
  • Can it be undone?
  • Any examples?
  • Some resources:

FREE article by Dr. Anderson on inflammation in the brain :  “The Brain on Fire”

Johns Hopkins news:

Gut-Brain and Microbes:

Psychology Today review:

Scientific American:



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