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26 Jan 2016


QUESTION: As you are the SNP/Methylation man – I’m wondering if you have any resources on GSTT1 deletion and how to support a healthy 30y/o female looking for preventative care. I understand that this gene is responsible for binding environmental toxins to glutathione so that it can be neutralized. I’m not sure that giving support, such as NAC, to the creation of more glutathione would really help if the issue is this catalyst reaction. PS. their methylation genes were great. Only other related genetic issues were reduced SOD2 production.

ANSWER: I’ll keep this simple. For GST the best is to both prime GSH formation so you deliver substrate to the GST complexes that work (and there are a lot of backups and redundancy). So primers of GSH like NAC or ALA are primary Tx.

Secondary things are:
A-Support the formation and cycling of GSH [Mg,Se,Zn.B2,3,5]
B-collateral Phase-2 pathways (NAT and SOD) [B5/Trace minerals].