Genes versus Triggers for Genes: Epigenetics and Disease

Originally aired on 06-19-2018,

In today’s program Dr. Anderson will outline and take a deep dive into the differences between your genes (genome) and those things that trigger genes toward health or illness (epigenome).

  • For example there are some cancer related genes that people have but only a portion of those people actually develop that cancer. Why?
  • Or you may have a family history of some problem (heart, memory etc.) but some in the family develop the problem and others do not. Why?
  • What does the epigenome do in its role of gene regulation and how can you keep it operating well – so you avoid disease.


Fundamentals of the epigenome:

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Cancer and Quantum Healthcare / Epigenetics

Stress effects on the epigenome:

Excellent review in the New York Review – June, 2018

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