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17 Jan 2016


QUESTION: I have a patient with fluoroquinolone toxicity. She was referred to me by a chiropractic neurologist for glutathione infusions. She has not responded particularly well to that approach, so if you could please share your perspective, I would again be most appreciative. She is also finding mixed info about whether or not the Cipro remains in the body (fat cells?) or is all out yet – she is trying to wrap her head around the sx continuing to aggravate a month after the exposure. Would it be useful to also do oxygen therapies like hyperbaric oxygen and major autoheme ozone?

ANSWER: Patients often aggravate for weeks to months even with totally appropriate Tx. This is frustrating, but true. The Cipro ‘ may’ remain BUT it isn’t that – it is the DNA / Nuclear disruption that remains and you can tell her I have seen people with effects 3-5 years later if they don’ t work on reversing them. Additionally, if they have SNP’ s especially detox and / or methyl cycle / Mito then those need to SLOWLY be addressed as you go or the nuclear damage will be tough to correct. You need as well rounded Tx as possible and if major Methylation or detox SNP’s exist, those need to be slowly repleted. Have had Tx take 3 mo and have had some of it take 2-3 years. There are also HUGE GI dysbiotic troubles in 100% of these patients, and a lot of dysbiotic auto-intoxication can be seen when giving po supplements if GI is not cleaned up.


  1. Use a multi trace mineral like Pure Encaps or Seeking Health, with copper and if the Mn isn’ t 3-5 mg add extra.
  2. Proline and Lysine: 500 mg minimum of each a day.
  3. Basic nutrients (mitochondrial and other supports) as stated above and GSH
  4. Vitamin K
  5. Poly-MVA oral or IV
  6. Low dose oral PTC (1 gram a day) but watch for agitation. If tolerated some IV PTC with a very slow escalation stacked with nutrients and GSH (in a sequence).
  7. If going to supplement for collagen, use a mixed product for both Type I and II).


  1. HBOT would definitely be helpful, with a VERY slow ramp up in dive time to tolerance. It is like PTC – they need it but cannot tolerate it unless done at the right time. I’d not do MAH for a while (maybe 6 mo).
  2. IV 12.5g of C in 250mg NS with all of the helpers 2x per week along with a 2g GSH push, if all the ‘helpers’ are there, 2 grams GSH is a good start. If it helps I go to 3-4 grams if tolerated.