Energy – The “Other Kind…”

Originally aired on 10-04-2018


In this program Dr. Anderson will talk about the interface between the physical energy we “feel” (the subject of the prior four programs) and the energetics of the human mind, heart and how those impact others.  This program will deal with the pathway people often fall into where they put “out more than in” and how that can lead to mental and emotional fatigue, depression, “self-medication” and many other issues. General strategies will be discussed and an outline of deeper topics for the coming shows will be talked through.

  • Energy and “energetics” beyond physical – is it real?
  • How do I interact energetically with others?
  • How can I get “burned out” if I’m not careful?
  • Can others really “drain my energy”
  • What do I do about that?
  • What if I’ve been giving out more than I get back or I’ve had bad boundaries and now I’m in a pit?
  • What is that process?
  • How do I reverse it?
  • Why is the mental / emotional and spiritual energy I have so important?

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