#99 Advanced Lipid Assessment: Laboratory Evaluation & Management

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2.0 CME Total | 0.5 of which is Pharm

LDL Particle size, HDL 1,2,3…, Apo A – B – E, Lipoprotein (a), Fredrickson phenotypes, NMR, VAP and more. In this CE we will break down each of these factors and more as to their testing, meaning, and other things that may aggravate them beyond diet and genomics.  


⭑ Define the biochemical particles assessed in modern lipidology
⭑ Describe the function of each
⭑ Differentiate between Fredrickson’s phenotyping (lipoprotein electrophoresis) and NMR
⭑ Describe risks associated with common patterns
⭑ Describe serial testing strategies
⭑ Discuss relevant pharmacology
⭑ Discuss non-pharmacological interventions

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  1. I just paid my bill after realizing I had not updated my cc with you. Still don’t seem to have access to the advanced lipid course without paying for it. Will it just take a bit to update my account?

      1. So good!! Thanks Dr. Paul for the confidence! We NDs need to take on more cardiology patients as primary cause of deaths worldwide is still cardiovascular!

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