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#87 COVID and the Nervous System


COVID and the Nervous System

CME Outline:

ABSTRACT: Anosmia, dysgeusia, headaches, neuropathies and more. Now that COVID has been with us for two years or more these associated issues are growing in our patient population. In this webinar, Dr. A will review the data published recently regarding these issues, the underlying pathophysiology between the virus and the nervous system, and potential therapeutic approaches.

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7 thoughts on “#87 COVID and the Nervous System”


    This was interesting. It was advertised as 3 CME credits and it was over 3 hours. I just noticed the certificate says 2 but Dr. Anderson, he did say something at the end regarding time taken. Please let me know if I need to do another hour of CME as this was my last CME of all the 30 hours done this year. Please advise. Thank you.

    1. Hello, I apologize for the confusion on this. This course is actually 3.0 CEs based on the length. I have updated the certificates to reflect this, if you download your certificate now it will say 3.0 CEs.


    I’m unable to access the quiz for this CE, I finished the recording and marked complete but there isn’t a quiz to complete the CE. I’m having trouble with this with for other courses as well and sent an email, but haven’t heard back yet. Please let me know if this is CE eligible as I am trying to complete my credits for the year and would like to know if I can count this one. Thanks!

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