#111 Glutathione and Redox: A-Z Part 1

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Glutathione (GSH) is one of the most common therapies used in integrative medicine. It occupies a unique role in the base redox triplet protecting cells from oxidant damage, allowing immunological flux, and creating the base redox balance. Often, however, glutathione is given in ways less than optimum for its maximum effect. In this presentation Dr. Anderson will present the science of glutathione function, how nutrients can support it, and clinically how to implement these strategies. This will be enhanced by data from a human research trial using enhanced glutathione protocols.

Part 1 Objectives:

  • GSH in Health Maintenance
  • GSH Biochemistry in blood, cell and mitochondria
  • GSH in Disease States
  • Bioavailability of GSH forms
  • GSH Testing
  • Importance of Cofactors
  • Use and Limitations of Precursors
  • Introduction to Toxicities
  • Effect of SNPs on GSH Metabolism
  • Order of Prescribing
  • Clinical Dosing: Cofactors/Supportive Rx, Oral GSH, Topical GSH, Nasal Spray GSH

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