#107 Methylene Blue

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Methylene Blue is believed to be the oldest synthesized medication. Its history in the treatment of methemoglobinemia is well known but its activity as a potential mitochondrial rescue agent is only emerging. In this CME Dr. Anderson will discuss the chemistry and pharmacology of this unique molecule. Additionally, he will relate modern uses of methylene blue in various disease states. The presentation will focus on safety, proper prescribing (oral and parenteral), and safe versus contraindicated co-therapies.

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    Hi, I did not take this course yet, but for some reason I am being told that I have completed it. Please help. I want to attend the live webinar tomorrow at 5:30pm.
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      1. rightmoleculeiv@gmail.com

        Thank you. The course was excellent. May I request access to the downloads made available for this course? I was not able to download them during b/c doing that would kick me out of the live session. Thank you.

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