#105 Spike & Other Protein Toxicities and Solutions

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Immune system activation is both good and bad and can reach into every portion of a person’s health. In the modern age of immune stimulation and odd immunological reactions more specific data are available about viral protein reactions than we have previously had access to. In this CME the mechanics of the viral proteins will be discussed, the available testing, and the potential treatments outlined.


⭑ Describe the protein components of the SARS viral family

⭑ Describe the immunological stimulation these proteins can trigger

⭑ Discuss possible disease triggers from this stimulation

⭑ Describe therapies that are either shown useful in research or being currently researched.

CME Outline:

  1. Viral protein  anatomy
  2. Immunology of viral particles
  3. Disease triggers from said particles
  4. Therapeutic interventions
    1. ACE receptor site
    2. Oxidation-Reduction site
    3. Endothelial inflammatory sites
    4. Cardio-Pulmonary-Renal sites
    5. Neurological sites

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  1. drvan@thrivespa.com

    Hello, I registered for this class after the date it was live. I am not interested in the CEUs, just the information. How do I download or listen to the broadcast/seminar?

    Thank you.

    1. Hello,

      All recordings for Live Webinars are to be posted within 72 hours of the recording. You can also follow the Consult Dr. A facebook page for updates.

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