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July 2017 Focus: Cancer
Side Effects of Chemotherapy
24 Oct 2017

Cancer: Integrative and Alternative therapies, what are they and do they work?

Originally aired on 07-13-2017

One area of cancer care that has “blown up” in the past twenty years is the area of “Integrative or Alternative” cancer therapies.  Dr. Anderson has been involved in the clinical use and more importantly research into these therapies over the past three decades.  Does IV Vitamin C work?  What about Mistletoe?  Are supplements worth it?  My oncologist said NO!  In this program he will break down some of the more common therapies, how (or if) they work and when they are appropriate.

  • Does IV Vitamin C work?  
    • IVC Information for Patients and Physicians

    • One hospitals experience:

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