A spotlight of Biofilm Phase 2, from Priority One

Biofilm Phase 2, Rx vs OTC

Dear Doctor Anderson,

I really liked your presentation at the 2017 SIBO Symposium (I didn’t attend, but absorbed it online).
I’ve benefitted from using InterFase Plus, and am very interested in doing the Phase-2 biofilm treatment, working with my doctor.
I happened to stumble upon your product “Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced (Formulated by Dr. Paul S. Anderson)“. I was doing a search of “black cumin oil” and “biofilm.”

I notice that you did not mention your own product in your lecture — do you feel that the compound pharmacy version (that you did mention) is better? Perhaps you didn’t mention this product because of your own financial interest in it?

If you recommend the compound-pharmacy-version over this product, what is the pharmacy that is compounding this?

Thank you so much for your help

Dr. Anderson:

Good questions:

Basically, the Priority One version was not available then (SIBO talk).

  • I get (and formerly got) nothing for the formula for the Rx one (Imprimis in So. Cal has the best price – any pharmacy can make it but the raw materials are very costly so check first if ordering [the formula is in the slides]).
  • I was paid a fee to formulate the OTC one for Priority One (mainly for folks who cannot Rx).

Both operate on the Bis-Thiol pharmacology but for OTC I cannot use DMPS etc, so I added the cumin as a synergist. So far they seem similar.


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Find Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced, from Priority One here: Biofilm Phase-2 Advanced

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